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About Michael Bowers

I’m a recent graduate of Seattle Central College where I received a certificate in web development. I’ve been coding websites as a hobby for the last decade and spent the last year formalizing my skillset with classes in the LAMP stack and Android app development. I’m a people person with a strong technical skill set. I’m currently looking for a full-time position where I could be a part of a team, practice my coding skills, and grow them into a leadership role in the future.

I believe in:

I've developed many websites for satisfied customers including developing in WordPress and writing the majority of the copy for Hashtag Recreational Cannabis, the We Wait - Bus Arrival Estimator, Scott Zorn Photography, and Brigid Slinger Illustration. Check out more in my portfolio.

Also, be sure to view my online resume or complete profile on LinkedIn. See my work including Android apps on GitHub.

Leave me a message if you want to talk about any of my work.