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About Michael Bowers

I grew up programming. My first programs were written on a Commodore 64. Since the late ‘90s, I’ve made many websites for myself, friends, and family businesses. It was a natural choice to formalize my skills and go into this field of web development as a career. I spent the last year taking classes in JavaScript, PHP, SQL, jQuery, and of course HTML5 and CSS3. I graduated from Seattle Central College where I received a certificate in web development this last December.

My previous jobs in the science education field gave me invaluable soft skills in customer service, teamwork, and project management. In my most recent role as Science Interpretation Programs Supervisor, I on-boarded, trained, coordinated, and evaluated 70+ paid staff members and volunteers and oversaw an array of science education programs, both of which required a high level of organization and attention to detail. I also learned to take complex scientific topics and make them easy for anyone to understand and appreciate. When paired with the technical skills of web development, I have a great toolbox for listening to clients, understanding their needs, translating that into a technical project with multiple steps, working on a diverse team to bring those pieces together in innovative ways, then explaining how the end result works back to the client.

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Check out my resume or profile on LinkedIn. View some of the projects I've worked on, or see my work on GitHub.