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Scott Zorn Photography

This is a custom WordPress theme and set up I created for Seattle-based photographer Scott Zorn. I did client interviews, created user personas, and hand coded the responsive theme to show off his amazing photography. Scott Zorn Photography (live site, sample content)

Scott Zorn Photgraphy Screen Capture

Custom WordPress Theme with Unique CSS3 Responsive Menus

Zorn Theme for WordPress Annotated Code

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden

This project was a site redesign proposal for the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden in Shoreline, Washington. It included a sample visual redesign of their website, a restructured site map, and a new database for tracking plants in the garden and nursery inventory. It was based on client interviews and user stories I created. Kruckeberg Botanic Garden (live site, original version)

KBG Proposed Visual Redesign

Proposed site map restructure

KBG Proposed Site Map

Sample Plant Database View-Page Using PHP Objects

KBG Proposed Plant Database

We Wait - Bus Arrival Estimator

Here is a simple one-page, mobile-ready web application that I coded entirely by hand. The idea was to predict when a bus will arrive based on the number of people waiting. Simply put, the more people waiting the sooner the bus will arrive, but the formula is more complex than that! See below. We Wait - Bus Arrival Estimator (live site)

We Wait - Bus Arrival Estimator Screen Capture

Predicted Bus Arrival Formula, Manipulating Form Data with PHP

We Wait - Bus Arrival Estimator Code Annotation

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